One of the days


1. Extreme – emotional events in the region of cave Prohodna, Lukovit

  • Bungee jumping from the rear entrance of the cave.
  • Alpine rappelling near the bungee jumping location with the possibility to take pictures of the jumps from a different angle.
  • Climbing previously traced and secured routes – introduction to the basics of rock climbing and alpinism. Learning different Alpine (sea) knots, applicable in ordinary life too.

At the end if there is some time left and in the presence of strength and desire:

  • Eco trail trip and penetration of several wild-caves.
  • A walk to two rock monasteries, which are being renovated.
  • Visit the natural stone houses called Provartenika and Strupenitsa.
Скок с бънджи по време на екстремен уикенд

The other day

1. Extreme – emotional events in the area of the village Aglen located in the canyon of river Vit. And a tour of the fairy canyon.

1.1. NATURAL SITES which you are going to visit:

  • “The Hole” – an arched rock under which runs the river Vit and you can dive from 3 to 12 m including through one “eye” on the rock (a local landmark).
  • The “Red Wall” canyon located near the village.
  • The “Rachkov Pond” – a scenic pond near the village.
  • The “Elephant” – a rock in the form of an elephant on the banks of the river Vit.
  • The “Lion” – a rock in the form of lion on the banks of the river Vit.

2.2. Unimproved CAVES:

  • The “Goggles” with length of 350m
  • The cave where people of Aglen have been burned alive
  • The water cave – penetrated through Alpine rappelling
  • SkokA – a cave with many ponds and water formations
Скално катерене по време на екстремен уикенд
Обща снимка от Екстремен уикенд


1. The price includes:

  • Fees and travel costs for the instructors
  • Full equipment required for the events (helmets, harnesses, ropes, carabineers, etc.).
  • Transports costs for all the required equipment
  • Costs for ensuring the maximum safety of all participants.

2. The price does not include:

  • The travel costs of the participants
  • Catering
  • Accommodation

3. After additional charge Ax! Sports club organizes transport for the participants to and from the events

4. Accommodation opportunities:

  • In the “Guest House” of Dermantsi village;
  • In the “Cave House” about 500m from the cave;
  • In hotel “Diplomat Park”, Lukovit;
  • In the hut “Provartenik”, located about two kilometers from the cave;
  • Tent

For information and bookings:

+359 (0)2 943 47 30; +359 (0)2 943 57 80; + 359 (0)888 391 240

Екстремен уикенд с малките герои


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