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Tandem Paragliding

With us fly people aged 4-80 years.

If you want to fly with an experienced pilot or to surprise your loved one with a gift voucher for a tandem flight, you can easily contact us by e-mail: ax_bg@abv.bg

0888 391 24; 0888 391 240; 02/ 943 47 30; 02/ 943 57 80

Flying zones:

  • Sopot, Bulgaria
  • Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria
  • seaside resort Albena, Bulgaria
  • Shumen, Bulgaria

100 BGN. – panorama flight – 20-25 minutes.

160 BGN – flight which can last for more than one hour. The 10-30 kilometers of distance are covered by soaring air currents.

150 BGN – extreme “Acro” – aero-acrobatic flight which lasts approximately 5-15 minutes. You perform acrobatic tricks and maneuvers, consisting of 2-3 G load. Be careful what you wish for.

Our only limitations are the bad weather conditions. To book a flight you must contact us three days before the date you have chosen.

Paragliding attire:

  • sports footwear
  • windproof jacket
  • long trousers
  • sunglasses.

To paraglide one should…believe in the invisible. If you trust us and fly with us, you will believe in it too. Paragliding is the fastest growing extreme sport in Bulgaria. And there is a reason for that. Our country offers unique places for paragliding, which are on a worldwide scale. And if you do it more than once, you will forever become part of those people who have flown and now when they walk on the ground, they look up to the sky with shining eyes because they have already been there. The author of the Little Prince, Exupéry, says: “I fly to break free from the tyranny of the little things”.

It’s actually unbelievable how a little fabric, ropes and light metal can bring you such feeling of joy, power, freedom, inspiration, satisfaction and last but not least – pride.

If you don’t look to it so dramatically, you will see that paragliding is the most thrilling thing you can do with your trousers. You can chit-chat with the eagles and falcons or you can just spit on the world and the so-not-expecting-it tourists down there. No matter what your desire to try it is, the feeling of paragliding will last as one of the most exciting actions in your life.

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