(Unless you have a fast river in the living room). Let the professionals take care of you!

And if you’re wondering what “rafting” is, we can describe it to you in two ways.

  • Encyclopaedic – it comes from the English word “rafting”, where “raft” means a flat structure that supports the transportation over water.
  • Emotional – rafting is: “Ooooooh, aaaaaaaah…….heeeelp…brrrr…..aaaah…oh, good loooord..woaaaah, cooool, awesomeeeeeee!”

Of course the second definition is strongly individual, depending on the inclination of everyone to show their emotions. But one thing is for sure. It always ends with “Awesome!” – that we can guarantee.

In a few words rafting is mainly floating in an inflatable boat along fast flowing rivers. It sounds terrifying. We’re not going to lie, it’s terrifyingly…energizing. Well, things that don’t occur regularly in your offices can happen. You may: get a little wet, spin a little bit, get inspired, have a great time, scream out of joy and horror at the same time. Those are the wanted side effects of rafting. It’s something like what you would experience in an amusement park, only it’s closer to the heart because it happens out in the nature. The most important thing is that everything is absolutely safe, because we will provide you with neoprenes, helmets, flippers, snorkel, mask, boots, boat, oar and a river. What’s left is from you – the desire for extreme emotions and a little courage.

If you believe in us, we will take you at the perfect place for rafting in Bulgaria – along Struma river, located in the Kresna Gorge. Of course there has to be high water, which means from April to the end of June every year. As real professionals we offer a possible case for the time when the water is low. Then you can get on our inflatable, two-seated kayaks K-2, called by us “hooligans”. You don’t have to be a hooligan to get on a “hooligan”, but stubbornness and will definitely help.

Struma Rafting in the Kresna's Gorge

Price: 50 lv.

The price includes:

  • Full rafting equipment (helmet, neoprene, life vest, jacket, neoprene boots)
  • Transport on the rafting route
  • Insurance
  • Qualified rafting instructor
  • Instruction

Negotiable extras:

  • a photographer who captures you on the most extreme and attractive rapids

For bookings and inquiries:
+3592/ 943 47 30; +3592/ 943 57 80; Handy: +359 888 391 240


For people who kayak in rapid waters we offer a tour of the best rivers for this sport in Bulgaria. During the tour you can visit and explore many of the natural and cultural attractions.
Moving from place to place each day implies new challenges and adventures. Our route passes through the Balkan Mountains, Rhodope and Pirin.

The price includes:

  • Full equipment – kayak, spray skirt, paddle, neoprene, boots, jacket, helmet
  • Qualified instructor
  • Instruction
  • Insurance

What happens with a man who believes in us and goes rafting at least once?

Firstly and most probably he will want to do it again. For sure! Besides that we’ve heard a lot of things. That “there is nothing more terrifying and beautiful than the struggle and victory over the water element”. That rafting is “a dance with the river on the edge of gravity”.

Other says: “It’s what makes me calm and even in the wildest whirlpools the water always flows downwards and brings me to the happy ending”. Or is it all said with the words: “Despite the struggle with the bubbles, the upcoming rocky shore, the whirlpools…I adore rafting because I always win!”