Ax! Adventures

The idea of the „Ax! Days“ and the „Ax! Weekends“ is very simple – to make you get away from the everyday life, immerse yourself in a new world with new experiences. Whether it is s for a day, a weekend or longer – it depends how much thirst for adventure you’ve collected.

The experiences that we offer you could lead to side effects that are extremely pleasing, but are not listed in our offers.

For example: checking the strength of any kind of relationship – between colleagues, between friends, between relatives. Moreover, strengthening the relations between men and women (sometimes new ones emerge and some of them lead to wedding). Sometimes at the end of the „Ax! Day“ or „Ah weekend“ you may feel tired, dizzy, uncoordinated … but then there is THAT smile on your face that hardly anyone can delete.

What you have to do is open your senses and collect these memories for the years to come. And return again and again to that feeling, which describes only one way – feeling „Ax!“

Where and what you can do in the “Ax! Days” and “Ax! Weekends”: see below.