Ax! Extreme Day in Klissura (“Klisuring”).

Experience an incredible extreme day near Klissura town!

If you want lots of emotion and adrenaline, trust us: AX! Sports.

Have fun with:

  • Bungee jumping;
  • Via Ferrata – a system of rope bridges and ladders, hanging on a rock and ready to be conquered by people seeking strong emotions;
  • Alpine speed trolley – lift connecting one end of a rock to another;
  • Canyoning – downhill exploring of a waterfall by means of with a rope.



Canyoning is a particularly special kind of an extreme sport that combines in itself other types of extreme sports. It is mainly the overcoming of deep ravines and broken grounds (mainly canyons, as suggested by its name) without the help of any sailing vessels – boats, canoes, etc. That means you will have to descend, ascend, fly over (with the help of a rope) highly broken grounds. For that reason you would have to be prepared to get a little wet and muddy, to shiver a little bit more and most of all to trust us. Because Bulgaria is full of ravines (“klisura” in Bulgarian), we also call it “klisuring”. What kind of adventures are ahead of you?


Ax! Extreme Day at Prohodna!Екстремен ден на пещера Проходна

Experience an incredible extreme day at Prohodna cave, near the town of Lukovit!

Activities included:

  • Bungee jumping from the rear entrance of the cave overlooking the Iskar Gorge
  • Downhill rappelling from the eyes of the cave and near the place for bungee jumping, giving you the possibility to take pictures of the bungee jumps from a different angle
  • Climbing (previously traced and secured routes). Introduction to the basics of rock climbing and alpinism.


There is going to be descending, ascending and penetration. Penetration in unenriched caves so you could share our happiness that there are not yet enriched. We can’t promise you a hundred percent attacks by bloodthirsty bats and walking on guano (excrements of bats) because this is an extra that only Mother Nature can give you, but there is a huge possibility.

We are going to see stalactites, stalagmites, stalactones, draperies and all of those cave forms, which everyone can determine for themselves what they look like. We promise you that there is no guide with us, who points out all the same “usual suspects” – The Guardian of the Cave, Baba Yaga, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Eagle, The Falcon, The Giant or The Ispolin… We leave everything to your imagination.

For those who are accustomed to the city life and have a hard time leaving it, we will take them on a “trolley” (this experience is stronger than riding without a ticket in trolley №22, believe us!).
And for those who love the virgin places of Mother Nature, we have prepared uncrossed by other people rivers, lakes, streams and goat routes.

Come with us, we lead the way!

Ax! Emotional and low- extreme day

1. A tour in the fairy river Vit canyon, combined with extreme and emotional events in the area of the village called Vaglen


„The Hole“ – a rock below which runs the river Vit with a possibility for diving from 3 to 12 m, incl. through one of the “eyes” on the scale (a local landmark).
„Red Wall“ – a canyon near the village.
„Rachkov Pool“ – a scenic pond near the village.
„Elephant“ – a rock on the banks of the river in the form of an elephant.
„Lion“ – a rock on the banks of the river in the form of lion.

1.2. Unimproved CAVES:

The Goggles – length – 350m

Cave where people from Vaglen were burned alive

The water cave – penetrated through Alpine rappelling

SkokA – a cave with many ponds and water formations


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