On the earth the man is born.
Born on her he is,
to see the sky and suffer,
if he loses it one day.


Prohodna Cave

15 Feb - 12 Dec 2020

Price: from 60 lv.

Experience: extraordinary!

-with upfront payment for unspecified date – 60 lv (valid for 6 months)

-paying on the spot – 70lv

For questions and bookings, please call: 02/943 47 30; 02/943 57 80 or cell +359 884 850 415

More about the rope swing

There is only one thing that can hold you for so long between the sky and the earth. Thats the unique Rope Swing. We will try to explain the experience the best we can: Its like swinging on a giant cradle from between the earth and the sky. Far better than the skydiving, since you are not only falling down, but swinging up too. More fun than the bungee since you can swing sideways freely, giving you the feeling of flying like a bird. Imagine it like that: You are running up for few meters and just jumping in the void. Everything starts as a freefall, it turns into up and down swinging until the gravitation tries to hug you. Compared to other extreme sports where the adrenalyn just hits you, here it breaks into the walls of gravitation which evokes in you a whole new palette of emotions which you can’t experience any other way. If you still cant imagine it let us uncover the following.