Team Building

Having in mind that this category is usually searched by employers who want to bond with the staff, we will share this short joke: “During the paintball team building the boss was not only the most painted one, but also the one with the clear signs of butt-stock on his face.” If you still haven’t changed your mind, you probably realized that the group activities outside the office do not just strengthen the bonds between the workers but also leave memories with others that will make you one whole. The Bulgarian version of team building aka “getting drunk outside the office” is no longer in style.

What’s modern is to overcome obstacles, what’s modern are the connections you make when you are tied with the same rope as someone else and you go down a rock or into a canyon, the rowing in one boat… pretty much everything that will make you feel as a team. We can offer you various activities, depending on the physical preparation of your crew. But the physical structure is not the most important thing. What’s more important is to decide to do it. Because the experience is incredible.