Народни танциOur dancing hall is located in Sofia, 134 School „Dimcho Debelyanov, str. „Pirotska“ 78.

Nearby there is a subway station

Rehearsals are every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

And if you’ve already danced, even looooooong time ago or you did not like it (where you have being dancing so far), come and join the more advanced from us. Most of the dances we play in a different way, so we think that it will be interesting to you



– Monday and Wednesday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm – BEGINNERS

– Monday and Wednesday from 7.30pm to 8.45pm- ADVANCED

Our aim: (mainly) to have fun and laugh 🙂

We have already managed to make quite events, successfully matched the folklore dances with the extreme sports and the hiking/tourism + regular pubs visitations with games. And very important!  we intend to continue doing so!

If you want to learn to dance and have fun at the same time, contact us HERE!


Fees: 1 visit: 6.00 BGN, 10 visits card: 50.00 BGN


Here is the “trigger” that will make you want to fly:

“Upraises the spirit, helps the body.” – this could be the motto of every spiritual movement that includes motion – tsi gun, yoga, tae-bo, capoeira…But we the Bulgarians know a lot about those things. That’s why we have the Bulgarian folk dance – the horo! Only the ones that have not played it, don’t know what we are talking about. There’s no such thing like the horo in the whole wild world! It’s not only because of our playful folk music (try to stay in a Lotus position while you are listening to Dunavsko horo), and not because of the irregular tact (try playing tae-bo that way). This is just one unique experience for your senses. It’s been said by the most sensitive woman (a psychic), who lived on our lands – Baba Vanga: “The horo is a magical ritual – a symbol of the integrity, of the circle. The energy that we experience while we play horo is incomparable to any other dance.”

narodni-tanciThe scientists that have studied this phenomenon – the horo, talk about a “vibratory resonance” that connects us with nature, a small model of the Solar System. They even give horo the credit for the success of Bulgarian football in 1994, because it was introduced by Dimitar Penev (consciously or not) as a method to recover after a game or to set the mood before the game. We’re are not braniacs ourselves, but we definitely know how horo affects us.

That’s why, come and join Ax! Sport. To merge with nature, to connect with each other (if we like each other of course), to play the horo and to feel amazing together (at the very least as much as Hristo Stoichkov and Krasimir Balakov did in 1994). Not to mention the very physical effect of the horo on the body. Actually why not talk about it? The sweet tireness after a nice long horo is awesome. And it’s also energizing. No wonder that you might wish to have sex afterwards – it’s just a part of the side effects.

The others may be ashamed but we aren’t. So we’ll pay attention to this other aspect of playing the horo – it is a place for flirt and courtship. Our great-great-great grandparents have did it during the time of the Tracians, we will do it too. So the horo is not just the thrills of joy because of the well-played dance, the right moves, and the physical satisfaction. It’s much more. But we needn’t tell you.

One of the many strong points of the horo is that once you have gotten used to the irregular tact, you can easily learn other dances like salsa, waltz, rumba, tango…

If you are scared of the extreme sports – try some of our other specialties – horos, walks, trips. Just find the link on our webpage or contact us. We must note that the horos are currently “only in Sofia but soon in other towns as well”.